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brunson scale
  • These scales are used with our optical instruments to measure the precise distance of any object from the line of sight.  Then, since the line of sight effectively establishes an extremely straight reference line, alignments between different objects (such as machine components, foundations, rollers, etc.) are quantifiable.
  • Our scales have optical targets evenly spaced every 0.100". The optical micrometer on an instrument works as a vernier, displacing the line of sight laterally. Using this displacement, the reticle is "brought into register" with the nearest target on the scale, and the precise displacement is read directly from the graduated micrometer drum. By adding or subtracting the micrometer's reading from the scale position, a precise measurement is made. 
  • All of our scales are graduated throughout their stated length. Each scale is shipped in a vinyl sheath.
  • Length: 10", 20", 40"
  • Data Sheet

Brunson 6000 Series White Face Scale

SKU: 0007
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